1 x Bramble & Hedge Pomegranate and Sour Cherry Nougat 150g.
A smooth, creamy and quality handcrafted nougat made in Melbourne.

1 x Original Chai Love Tea.
Organic Love tea ensures optimum therapeutic benefit, exceptional flavour and minimal impact on
the environment. Love Tea hopes that their tea inspires you to make time to appreciate the quiet
moments, take care of your health and share great tea with people you love.

2 x Melbourne City Rooftop Honey.
The Beekeeper's vision of Melbourne City Rooftop is to bring the bees back to the city and
surrounding Melbourne suburbs. Hives have been placed on unused roofs, balconies and gardens
all around the city of Melbourne. Currently, they have 25 hives in the CBD, with a total of 120 hives
placed around the Melbourne fringe and suburbs. The end result, delicious honey packaged in
these cute test tubes with the suburb postcode stamped on them.

1 x Keepsake Gift Box.

1 x Gift Card designed by Australian artist Kirsten Katz

SKU: HP03390