Port Charlotte Scottish Whisky, Muscatel Raisin & Cinnamon Nougat - 150g

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These days, Scotland is known mainly for three things. 1. The setting of Outlander, a show for all. 2. Their national animal is a unicorn. 3. Their drink of choice is whiskey.

Thank heavens for the whiskey, because our Port Charlottle Scottish Whiskey with muscatel raisins and cinnamon nougat would not be the same without it.


    - Ingredients

    Australian Sugar, Australian Almonds, Australian Glucose Syrup, Hazelnuts, Australian Honey, Free Range Egg Whites, Raisins (5%), Walnuts, Port Charlotte Scottish Whisky (0.5%), Cinnamon (<0.5%), Vanilla Bean Paste, Rose Petals, Linaria Flowers & Rice Paper.

    *Contains Nuts

    *Gluten Free

    Contains Alcohol at no more that 1% ABV

    Nutritional Information Servings

    Per Pack 3 Serving Size 50g

    Avg Qty per Serve Avg Qty per 100g
    Energy 993KJ 1990KJ
    Protein 3.3g 6.9g
    Fat Total 10.6g 21.2g
    -Saturated 2.2g 4.3g
    Carbohydrates 31g 62g
    -Sugar 27.8g 55.6g
    Sodium 20mg 40mg

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