Wattleseed Crème Brulee Nougat - 150g

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Come indulge in the ultimate dessert-inspired nougat! Wattleseed, with its nutty and roasted aroma, pairs harmoniously with the creamy decadence of Crème Brulee combined with Almond and Hazelnut. Every bite is an experience of luxurious comfort, like relishing a fine dining experience right in the comfort of your own home.


    - Ingredients

    Australian Sugar, Australian Almond, Australian Glucose, Hazelnut, Australian Honey, Belgian Amber Chocolate (Contains: Milk), Egg White, Coffee Beans, Vanilla Bean Paste, Natural Flavour (Wattleseed), Natural Flavour (Creme Burlee), Safflower, Rice Paper, Vegetable Oil (Contains Soy).

    *Contains Nuts

    *Gluten Free

    Nutritional Information Servings

    Per Pack 3 Serving Size 50g

    Avg Qty per Serve Avg Qty per 100g
    Energy 910KJ 1820KJ
    Protein 3.5g 7.1g
    Fat Total 8.6g 7.2g
    -Saturated Less than 1g 1.6g
    Carbohydrates 31.2g 62.5g
    -Sugar 26.7g 53.4g
    Sodium 17mg 33mg

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